Safe Nova & Safe Vega
Safe Nova & Safe Vega

Safe Nova & Safe Vega

The Safe Nova and Safe Vega are technologically advanced and efficient DP3 harsh environment semi-submersible ASVs designed for operations worldwide.

The Safe Nova and Safe Vega were constructed at COSCO’s Qidong Shipyard to an enhanced GM500A design, incorporating 500 beds, a DP3 station keeping system and a 10-point wire mooring arrangement for flexible and efficient operations in the harshest offshore environments.

Both vessels are high specification ASVs that include modern and comfortable accommodation, welfare and recreational facilities, modern client offices and meeting areas and some of the most advanced offshore lifesaving systems available.

Prosafe’s agreement with COSCO Shipyard allows for the flexible delivery and long-term financing of Safe Nova and Safe Vega. Both vessels are nearing completion with a planned preservation and strategic stacking mode in the shipyard and can be ready for operations worldwide from 2019.

Vessel Specification
Registered name Safe Nova & Safe Vega
Built Newbuilds ready for delivery
DesignEnhanced GM500A
Max no of beds 500
Gangway 38.0m +/- 7.5m
Mooring system 10 point wire winches
Station keepingDP3
Thrusters 6 x 3.8 MW Azimuth
CranesPort-side: 70 tonne Starboard-side: 40 tonne