Largest Shareholders

The below shareholder overview is updated twice a month. The overview is based on the Norwegian Central Securities Depository’s share register as of 1 December 2022 and shows the 40 largest shareholders of Prosafe.

RankHoldingStake (%)NameType of account
21 116 56512.69HV VI INVEST SIERRA ASOrdinary
3804 5819.14MH CAPITAL ASOrdinary
4803 2509.13ALDEN ASOrdinary
5498 6745.67MIDELFART CAPITAL ASOrdinary
6306 2473.48The Bank of New York MellonNominee
7263 5002.99WESTCON YARDS ASOrdinary
8236 5332.69VICAMA CAPITAL ASOrdinary
9200 0002.27VICAMA ASOrdinary
10186 1802.12Morgan Stanley & Co. LLCOrdinary
11172 0171.96SONGA CAPITAL ASOrdinary
12147 0181.67J.P. MORGAN SECURITIES PLCOrdinary
13135 5671.54UBS Switzerland AGNominee
15125 0001.42ENG INVEST ASOrdinary
16115 0001.31DIMA ASOrdinary
17100 0001.14GROSS MANAGEMENT ASOrdinary
1895 9641.09Deutsche Bank AktiengesellschaftNominee
1980 0000.91CAM ASOrdinary
1980 0000.91TYCOON INDUSTRIER ASOrdinary
2179 7630.91The Bank of New York Mellon SA/NVNominee
2272 0000.82VARDE NORGE ASOrdinary
2362 5000.71MELESIO INVEST ASOrdinary
2461 2500.70AGIL CAPITAL ASOrdinary
2556 2500.64CATILINA INVEST ASOrdinary
2651 2570.58PEGASI ASOrdinary
2746 6150.53Euroclear Bank S.A./N.V.Nominee
2843 0000.49BR INDUSTRIER ASOrdinary
2942 1050.48SEBEWR ASOrdinary
3041 6520.47HOLME HOLDING ASOrdinary
3140 0000.45KONGEVEIEN 220 ASOrdinary
3238 1420.43TIGERSTADEN INVEST ASOrdinary
3336 7670.42UBS AGNominee
3432 0960.36Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken ABNominee
3525 0000.28REMCO ASOrdinary
3623 0000.26BRØNMO, BJARTEOrdinary
3721 6310.25Nordnet Bank ABNominee
3820 6000.23LOUIE INVESTOR ASOrdinary
3920 2940.23The Export-Import Bank of ChinaOrdinary
4020 0000.23SONGA BULK CHARTERING ASOrdinary
4020 0000.23SPIRALEN HOLDING ASOrdinary
Total7 808 79488.75
Total no. of shares8 798 699

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