IR Policy

Equal and timely information

Company shall ensure that the stock market and other financial markets are in possession of accurate, clear and timely information about Company’s business and operations.

Company shall encourage the broadest possible coverage and interest in the Company, including prompt and compliant reporting of the Company’s financial results.

Company will distribute important market information through the Oslo Stock Exchange, selected distributors of news releases and the Company’s website. 

Further information, such as articles of association, contact information, addresses and news about the Company, are available at Company’s web page

The Company has appointed persons who are authorised to speak to the external market on its behalf concerning specific issues.  Otherwise, persons will be authorised on a case-by-case basis.


Company endeavours to ensure that all analysts receive accurate, clear and relevant information, and that they are treated equally regardless of the jurisdiction or the recommendations they make.


Company shall not give guidance on financial results, which means that Company will not provide its own specific numeric estimates for future results. 

Company will provide factual information about contracts and guidance on expected operating cost level and perceived market outlook, in order to provide stock market participants with information to estimate Company’s results.

Company does not provide any information, guidance or methodologies for assessing the underlying value of the companies’ business.  Any such valuation should be carried out based on assessments of operations, developments, market prospects and other information in the public domain.