Core Values

Our Core Values; the environment, focus, ambition, safety, innovation, respect and profitability are the pillars upon which the company is built.

Our Core Values are “the way we do things in Prosafe”. They define the way we should act as individuals and as a company, and are a standard to refer to when in doubt.

They will thereby fortify and protect the company’s reputation which, in addition to performance related to health, safety and the environment, ethics and high standards of operation, is a fundamental value driver for Prosafe’s future development opportunities and success.


We are committed to delivering high quality, cost-efficient and safe operations, adding value for shareholders, employees, customers and the communities in which we operate.


We respect other cultures and treat people equally, regardless of their gender, age, nationality and religion. We treat our assets and finances respectfully, and comply with governing laws, regulations and company procedures.


We encourage new ideas and endeavour to find new and cost-effective ways of operating in order to satisfy customer needs and to achieve continuous improvement.


We strongly believe it is possible to conduct our operations without injuries to people or damages to assets and the environment, and will continue our efforts to improve safety results. The safety of our people is imperative and is not subject to negotiation or interpretation.


We are ambitious in our goal-setting, and strive continuously to improve. We actively seek challenges and chase business opportunities.


We will be focused when setting goals and establishing strategies, using our vision as a basis at all times. We are committed to deliver safe and cost-efficient operations.

The Environment

We believe that active preventive efforts will allow us to minimise our negative impact on the natural environment.