The whistleblowing channel allows anyone to report breaches or suspected breaches of Prosafe’s Code of Conduct, governing policies or laws and regulations.

What can be reported?

Prosafe’s stakeholders are encouraged to make a report in relation to business integrity concerns including:

  • Breaches of Prosafe’s Code of Conduct or governing policies
  • Violations of human or labour rights
  • Breaches of applicable laws and regulations
  • Incidents of corruption, bribery and/or facilitation payments
  • Incidents of fraud or theft
  • Incidents of discrimination or harassment
  • Threats to life or health
  • Insider trading
  • Inappropriate gifts or gratuities

The whistleblowing channel is not meant for general business complaints or grievances about an employee’s personal employment situation. Such allegations, unless documented that the employee has tried other channels, will not be investigated.

If you are an employee, before making a report please consider whether the problem could be solved by raising the matter directly with your manager, with Human Resources or with a Prosafe manager you trust. General or personnel concerns can often be solved more effectively via those direct channels. However, if you fail to obtain a response to concerns raised to management or if you feel you are unable to notify them, you are urged to report the matter to the whistleblowing channel.

How can you report?

Business integrity concerns can be reported by:

IntegrityLog is an easy online tool that allows safe, anonymous reporting of business integrity concerns. Please provide as much detail as you can when making a report – the more facts or evidence available, the better the odds the investigation can proceed. All reports are treated confidentially, and you can elect to be anonymous.

When making a report via the whistleblowing channel you can elect to do so anonymously or you can choose to provide your name and contact details, as the matter will be treated confidentially in any event. If you select to remain anonymous, we strongly encourage you to save the code received when reporting through the online reporting tool, so that you can check the status of the case and provide more information when this is necessary.

All concerns reported will be treated confidentially. Prosafe will ensure that no retaliation is taken against a whistleblower and that reports made in good faith will have no effect on their career. Any employee knowingly making a false report for the purposes of harming another individual will be subject to disciplinary action.

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