Safe Caledonia
Safe Caledonia

Safe Caledonia

Safe Caledonia is a  moored with thruster assist (TAMS) semi-submersible ASV with beds for up to 454 persons and is capable of operating worldwide, excluding Norway, in the most demanding conditions.

Safe Caledonia was built in 1982 at GVA Kockums yard in Sweden to a Pacesetter design and completed a 20-year life extension in 2012/13, enhancing the accommodation facilities and extending the structural life of the vessel.

With up to 454 beds available, a large working deck area and substantial warehousing and stores (150m²), the Safe Caledonia offers excellent construction and maintenance support facilities with a high level of accommodation. The workshop, laydown area, 9 offices and 67 client workstations can be altered according to client and project specific requirements.

Vessel Specification
Registered name Safe Caledonia
Built, upgraded1982, 2004/2012
DesignF&G Pacesetter
Max no of beds 454
Deck areaUp to 600m²
Power generation 15 900 kW
Gangway Telescopic 36.5m +/- 6.0m
Mooring system 10-point wire winches with thruster assistance (TAMS)
Station keepingPOSMOOR ATA, DP2 Capable
Thrusters 4 x 2.4 MW Azimuth
Cranes Port-side: 50 tonnes Starboard-side: 50 tonnes

The Safe Caledonia has operated in the UKCS continuously for over 10 years and has also previously secured contracts in Mexico, Nigeria and Australia. Safe Caledonia’s recent operational track record can be seen below:

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