Safety is a core value in Prosafe. We look upon the objective of zero incidents as a goal to work towards and a way of thinking. We are committed to working actively to avoid injuries and accidents.

We continually look ahead and focus on the implementation of preventive measures and initiatives to further strengthen our culture. We actively encourage our employees to identify and assist in the development of new systems and procedures which deliver improved safety results.

In 2018, Prosafe recorded one incident classified as a Lost Time Injury (LTI), which means the employee was absent from the next work shift because of the injury.

The LTI frequency is calculated by multiplying the number of LTIs by 1 million and dividing this by the total number of man-hours worked. In 2018, the LTI frequency was 0.85, as compared to 1.52 in 2017.

All injuries and serious incidents are unacceptable to Prosafe. Where such events occur, we ensure that suitably resourced investigations are undertaken to identify root causes and introduce risk-reducing measures aimed at preventing recurrence. The findings of these investigations are conveyed to the rest of the organisation to ensure a transfer of experience. These are important measures for reaching the company’s goal of zero injuries and incidents.

Continuously instilling safety awareness

Prosafe aims to instil a zero mindset philosophy in its employees and sub-contractors. In order to achieve this, a number of management tools are included within the company’s Integrated Management System;

  • Vessel inductions for all personnel visiting our vessels
  • Safe and best working practices are actively adopted by all personnel and instilled through Prosafe Principles and Site Safety Standards
  • Worksite monitoring to ensure that safe working practices and conditions are in place
  • HSE tours to identify risks to persons, detect nonconformities as regards health, safety and environmental protection standards, and to encourage all crew members to keep a high focus on safety at all times
  • Weekly accommodation inspections covering all aspects of accommodation and food hygiene
  • Permit to work monitoring to ensure that health, safety and environmental standards are maintained through compliance with the permit to work system
  • Safety observation system cards to provide both positive and negative feedback to the organisation on our behaviours, worksite conditions and working practices

Preventive work is important, and the various improvement efforts continue to strengthen the organisation’s culture and form part of Prosafe’s continual improvement programs;

  • Introduction of Fleet Trainer position to the Company
  • Engagement with end users focusing on the simplification of the current Integrated Management System whilst maintaining demonstrable compliance;
  • Introduction of new structure and approach to vessel documentation including Fleet Manuals delivering better continuity within the fleet;
  • Simplification of the  Document Control Request Management and Reporting processes and procedures
  • Introduction of online ShipBoard Reporting (SBR) system to whole fleet.  Further development continues with the aim to reduce administration requirements of the end users and vessel crews MPA/ Bahamas approval to utilise SBR system as an approved electronic daily engine and deck log;
  • Increased workforce participation
  • Implementation of HSE Plan’s with a Company expectation per Quarter along with vessel/ regional inputs;
  • Further training in the company’s Management Systems
  • Review of the Emergency Response and Duty Management Group organisation has resulted in improved measures for Relative Response Management and Emergency Response Notification and Mobilisation

A number of Working Environment and Major Accident Hazard Workshops have been undertaken with the marine crew personnel. The 2018 HSE Plan also includes the training package from Step Change in Safety regarding Major Accident Hazards.  We value bringing people together so we can share resources and best practices and develop stronger relationships to benefit the entire company. By continuously instilling safety awareness, we will achieve a real and lasting shift in mindset that will result in improved safety performance.

Excellent results are attainable

By operating for long periods without injuries, some of our vessel operations have demonstrated that excellent safety results are attainable. This demonstrates that the zero mindset is achievable, and provides motivation. We use best practices across the group as examples to ensure transfer of experience within HSE training.

Number of days since last lost-time injury for vessels operated by Prosafe (as at 31 December 2018)

VesselNo. of days since last LTI
Safe Boreas21
Safe Scandinavia707
Safe Swift865
Safe Notos1056
Safe Bristolia1058
Safe Zephyrus1128
Safe Caledonia1142
Safe Concordia2901