Occupational Health

Prosafe endeavours to offer its employees a good and safe working environment in physical and psychosocial terms. It is our objective that nobody should suffer work-related illnesses or strain injuries as a consequence of working for Prosafe.

All employees should have a good balance between work requirements, individual opportunity for control and participation, and support from colleagues and managers.

We monitor and manage all areas of absence (actual and potential) closely, and take the appropriate actions. We also take steps to enable employees to return to work on light duties, either in the office or on shorter vessel trips to re-assimilate the employee’s return to work.

Special attention is paid to employees exposed to certain hazards such as high noise environments, exposure to chemicals and other conditions that may be harmful to health. We carry out regular occupational health assessments for these risks.

Reducing sick leave is significant to the well-being of the individual employee, and also has a positive financial effect on the company and society as a whole.