• Glen O. Rødland

    New Interim Chairman of the Board

    (26 May 2016) In connection with the general meeting, the Company's Chairman, Harald Espedal, has given notice that for work load reasons he wishes to step down from his position as Chairman and Director of the Board of Prosafe SE.

  • Going up the stairs of the Safe Boreas

    Annual general meeting held

    (25 May 2016) The Annual General Meeting of the shareholders of Prosafe SE was held today, 25 May 2016 in the company's registered office in Larnaca, Cyprus. All proposed resolutions were resolved.

Video - Safe Boreas

A tour of the Safe Boreas, the most advanced and efficient harsh environment accommodation vessel in the world, constructed to comply with Norwegian regulations.

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About Prosafe
Prosafe owns/operates 14 semi-submersible accommodation vessels (flotels) and has one harsh environment semi-submersible accommodation vessel under construction.

Accommodation vessels are traditionally used wherever there is a need for additional accommodation, engineering, construction or storage capacity offshore.

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Stock performance

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