• Safe Zephyrus

    Delivery of the Safe Zephyrus

    (26 Nov 2015) Prosafe and Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd. in Singapore have agreed to a flexible delivery of the Safe Zephyrus to align with Prosafe’s contract portfolio.

  • Q3 2015 - presentation material

    (05 Nov 2015) Please find attached the presentation of the Q3 2015 result. Karl Ronny Klungtvedt, CEO and Stig H. Christiansen, CFO will go through the presentation during a webcast/teleconference at 13:30 CET today.

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About Prosafe
Prosafe owns/operates 12 semi-submersible accommodation vessels (flotels) and has three new builds under construction.

One vessel complying with Norwegian regulations is constructed for operations in the North Sea, and two vessels are constructed for worldwide operations excluding Norway.

Accommodation vessels are traditionally used wherever there is a need for additional accommodation, engineering, construction or storage capacity offshore.

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