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Prosafe has a strong track record from demanding operations world wide, with first class operational performance and excellent safety results.
Photo of the Safe Scandianavia
Safe Scandinavia, gangway-connected to a fixed installation

Prosafe's high quality service vessels provide excellent accommodation facilities with sufficient space for rest and recreation. Clients have complimented us on the high standards of our vessels, and have reported back that the performance and productivity of their workforce have increased during the use of our vessels.

Prosafe's vessels have been operating gangway-connected to:

  • fixed installations
  • spread moored FPSOs
  • turret moored FPSOs
  • TLPs
  • anchored semis
  • SPARs

Geographical areas
Prosafe has experience from operating in the following geographical areas:

  • Gulf of Mexico
  • US Gulf of Mexico
  • north and west Africa
  • North Sea (Norway, UK and Denmark)
  • Brazil
  • Australia
  • Philippines
  • Russia