Safe Bristolia
Safe Bristolia

Safe Bristolia

Safe Bristolia is an 8-point anchor moored semi-submersible ASV with beds for 588 persons (UKCS: 316) and is capable of operating worldwide, excluding Norway, in moderately harsh and benign conditions

Safe Bristolia was built in 1983 by Promet, Singapore to a Sedco 602 design and was converted to an accommodation unit in 2006. In April 2016, she completed her 5-year Special Periodic Survey.

Safe Bristolia’s flexible capacities includes a total of 340m² workshop and covered storage area, and an additional 400m² laydown and storage areas on deck. There are currently 61 workstations on board. Workshop, laydown areas and work stations can be altered according to client requirements.

Vessel Specification
Registered name Safe Bristolia
Built, converted1983, 2006/2008
DesignSedco 602
Max no of beds 588 (UKCS: 316)
Power generation 6 815 kW
Gangway Telescopic 35.0m +/- 6.0m
Mooring system 8-point wire winches
Station keepingMoored
Cranes Port-side: 48 tonnes Starboard-side: 25 tonnes

Safe Bristolia’s flexible design has allowed the vessel to operate in a variety of markets including the UKCS, Mexico and Russia (Sakhalin). Safe Bristolia’s recent operational track record can be seen below:

SamsungLUN-A, Gravity Based StructureMooredRussia, Sakhalin
ConocoPhillipsBritannia, Fixed PlatformMoored UKCS
PemexVarious Fixed PlatformsMoored Mexico
NexenBuzzard, Fixed PlatformMoored UKCS
PemexVarious Fixed PlatformsMoored Mexico
TotalElgin & West Franklin, Fixed PlatformMoored UKCS
ConocoPhillipsJudy, Fixed PlatformMoored UKCS
BG GroupEverest, Fixed PlatformMoored UKCS