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Safe Zephyrus
Safe Zephyrus
The Safe Zephyrus is the world’s most advanced and versatile accommodation unit.

The vessel complies with Norwegian regulations and is capable of operating in the harshest environments and with the highest standards of safety. The Safe Zephyrus was constructed at Jurong Shipyard Pte Ltd in Singapore

The vessel has a GVA 3000E design and is equipped with a DP3 (dynamic positioning) system as well as 12-point mooring arrangement. This will allow for operations in both DP and anchored mode, providing maximum cost efficiency and flexibility.

The Safe Zephyrus can accommodate 450 persons in single man cabins.

Main vessel data
Registered nameSafe Zephyrus
DesignGVA 3000E
Max no of beds450 (all in single cabins)
Deck areaapprox. 1 000 m2
Power generation31 200 kW
GangwayTelescopic hydraulic 38.0 m +/-7.5m
Mooring system12 point wire winches
Station keepingDP3
Thrusters6 x 4.0 MW Azimuth