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Practice and follow-up
The Executive Management and Senior Managers are responsible for ensuring that the Code of Conduct is made known to all persons to whom the standards should apply.
Concerns about possible breaches of Prosafe's Code of Conduct can be reported to the ethics committee.

Personal responsibility
Every member of the Board of Directors, manager, employee, consultant,  and temporary staff is responsible for ensuring that he/she is familiar with, and performs his/her duties in accordance with Prosafe’s Code of Conduct and relevant laws and regulations.

Any questions concerning the interpretation of the Code of Conduct or concerning the proper course of action which has or should be taken must be raised with your manager or with the Ethics Committee.

Managerial responsibility
Managers are responsible for communicating the Code of Conduct and for providing advice with respect to the interpretation and application of the Code of Conduct. They must ensure that activities within their area of responsibility are carried out in accordance with the requirements set in the Code of Conduct.

Reporting of cases of doubt and non-compliances
If you have any knowledge of a violation of Prosafe’s Code of Conduct, you have an obligation to report it to your immediate manager. If you are in doubt whether behaviour is unethical or not, you should raise this concern with your manager.

If you feel that the matter cannot be discussed with your manager, the concern must be discussed with another senior manager, HR, the General Counsel, or raised with Prosafe’s Ethics Committee.

All such reporting will be handled with discretion and in a professional manner, with no retaliation imposed on those who report suspected or unethical behaviour, and the individual may remain anonymous.

Concerns about possible breaches of Prosafe’s Code of Conduct can be reported to the Ethics Committee by:

  • sending an e-mail to:
  • sending a letter to Prosafe AS, P.O. Box 39 Forus , N-4064 Stavanger, Norway (mark the envelope with “Ethics Committee”)

Ethics Committee
Prosafe has established an Ethics Committee which shall maintain and further develop Prosafe’s Code of Conduct.

The Ethics Committee comprises:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Deputy CEO & CFO
  • Manager - Communication and Branding

The Ethics Committee will also give recommendations and advice on dealing with ethical dilemmas, and ensure that alleged breaches are investigated thoroughly and fairly.

Violations of the Code of Conduct
Prosafe will not tolerate breaches of its Code of Conduct.  If you violate the Code of Conduct, whether knowingly or not, you could be subject to personal legal liability or company disciplinary action.