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Prosafe has adopted a zero mindset philosophy. We believe that active preventive efforts will allow our business to be pursued without negative consequences for people’s life and health, the natural environment and material assets. Responsibility for achieving the company's goals rests with all employees.
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We emphasise commitment and participation at all levels of the organisation.

This commitment is further described in the company’s Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality Policy (HSSEQ Policy)

Prosafe's operations are accredited according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Systematic preventive and effective health, safety and environment work is a high-priority line management responsibility in Prosafe. Active and visible involvement by management is a key factor in achieving the company’s goal of operating without accidents.

Prosafe expects all its managers to lead the way by setting a good example and facilitating good working practices and the resources required to operate safely. Managers must show in practice that safety takes precedence over profits and schedules. Should a conflict arise between operations and safety, the latter must always be given first priority. No safety rules may be broken and no short cuts may be taken to complete jobs quickly.

A pro-active HSE culture
We emphasise commitment and embrace participation at all levels of the organisation in order to ensure that all employees and sub-contractors perform their work in a safe manner, contributing actively to reducing risk and taking action when undesirable conditions, acts or behaviours are observed.

We want our company to be associated with a proactive HSE culture and with human relations and behaviours characterised by respect, trust and concern for others. We demand that employees take the time needed to evaluate risk in their work and ensure that their colleagues are aware that potentially hazardous operations will be conducted. Colleagues must function as safety barriers, and call for interruption of work when they observe unsafe behaviour or conditions to prevent such situations from developing into accidents. We empower people to take action.

Through the participation and contribution of the whole workforce, and open and close collaboration with customers, sub-contractors and authorities, we will create proprietary attitudes and achieve continuous improvement.

Accident prevention
We are committed to doing what we can to reduce risk and to learn the lessons from when things go wrong. We believe that transparency is the best form of accident prevention.

Accidents and undesirable incidents are reported and followed up in a systematic manner in order to continue the building of a culture that promotes learning. Safety for people, the environment and material assets must be created and re-created every day and demonstrable in our actions and behaviours.