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General meeting
The general meeting secures the participation of shareholders in the company's highest decision-making body. The company's articles of association are adopted by the general meeting. All shareholders are entitled to submit matters for inclusion on the agenda of a general meeting, as well as to attend, speak at and vote at the meeting.

Annual General Meeting - 8 May 2019
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Information about General Meetings

The AGM will be held by 30 June every year. An AGM and a meeting called for the passing of a special resolution shall be called by 21 days' notice in writing at the least, and a meeting of the company other than an AGM or a meeting for the passing of a special resolution shall be called by 14 day's notice in writing at the least.

Weight is given to including all requisite information in the supporting documents relating to items on the agenda so that shareholders can take a position on all matters to be discussed.

The agenda is determined by the board. The minutes of the general meeting will be published as a stock exchange announcement and posted to the company's website.

Archive - Notices of meeting and Minutes of meeting