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Corporate governance

Prosafe believes that good corporate governance will strengthen confidence in the company, and help to ensure the greatest possible value creation over time in the best interests of shareholders, employees and other stakeholders.

Prosafe’s system of corporate governance forms the foundation for its vision and strategy. The group’s business is organised on the basis of a transparent and efficient model, with a clear segregation of responsibilities within the organisation.

The directors have been appointed so as to ensure that a broad base of appropriate skills and expertise is reflected on the board. Working constructively together with the board, its committees and the company’s administration, the board oversees the precise reporting, efficient management and equal treatment of all shareholders so as to achieve the strategic and profitable development of the company.

























Headquartered in Cyprus, Prosafe is subject to Cypriotic company legislation and accounting legislation. Prosafe is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and observes the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance of 23 October 2012.